25 years of experience in the automotive industry for TIER 1

About us

Third generation of a family business founded in 1956 specializing in the design, development and manufacture of metal assemblies with a high degree of technical complexity.


Our great value is to be a united team. We believe in ourselves, we help each other to develop our potential and we put all this at the disposal of our customers every day.

Excellence in service and treatment

We pride ourselves on our customer service, as we differentiate ourselves through our personal and professional approach.

Committed to quality

We only design, manufacture and manage our materials and products if they meet strict quality standards.

Seriousness and professionalism

All our team works in unison to offer products with the maximum accuracy and that makes us feel proud of our work.

Personal involvement

Relationships with our customers are part of our idiosyncrasy.

Constant innovation

We are not non-conformists, as we think to go further.

Delivery times

We strictly adhere to our delivery deadlines.

Human Assets

We have a large multidisciplinary team made up of more than 40 professionals. From the engineering and technical office to the most qualified production, quality and sales department workers, they carry out their work with accuracy and commitment.