Quality Department

Revision: 2022


ERRECÉ LÁSER has strengthened its commitment to the environment with the implementation of the ISO 14001:2015 standard in which it has analyzed the environmental impact of its activity and, based on the Life Cycle of the services provided, has determined its Significant Environmental Aspects for which it has established internal goals based on the reduction of consumption, derivatives of natural resources, the reduction of the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere, etc.

From this commitment, ERRECÉ LÁSER wants to involve all interested parties so that they are aware of the work that is being carried out internally.

Those aspects of the company with the greatest significance in terms of environmental impact due to their toxicity or their consumption during the development of the company’s activity in 2021 continue to be the consumption of fuel, electricity, powder paint, plastisol, chemical product for the lacquering section, as well as regeneration products and EDARI sulphuric acid.

ERRECÉ LÁSER has established indicators for all of them, through which it aims to measure the reduction in consumption or the reduction in the generation of waste (powder paint).


Computerized and digital control allows us to reach exceptionally reliable and stable production levels.

Our factory is dynamic and optimises resources through proper information processing and the use of cutting-edge technology. We strive to learn more and more in order to minimise errors and better adapt to changes in the market.

Interconnected machinery, technically trained and specialized personnel for the control and analysis of all phases of production. The result allows us to obtain the highest quality in our products.

We plan our projects using complete 3D resource and process tools, virtually simulating each job and the management of its production.

We have the certifications that guarantee our quality and commitment to the environment: